Volunteer Training Videos

This is a fun home-made RideAbility training video that you can watch to become familiar with the RideAbility program and facility  – and the concept of safe sidewalking.

    (10 minutes)


Helmet safety videos should be viewed by all RideAbility volunteers.

Every Ride, Every Time!  

(2 minutes)


This mounting video was created by Physical Therapy students from the Mayo School of Medicine as a community project.   They did a nice job training volunteers how to safely mount and dismount clients.  This is a critical skill!

(14 minutes)


Watch this video to get a better idea of a RideAbility OneTimeFunTime visit.   Cardinal of MN made this video for us on a day when they brought a group of clients for a customized visit.  They experienced spirit painting, ground work, foot games including a relay race, food, fun and finally mounted horseback activities for each client.    We schedule OneTimeFunTime visits several times each year to support various community groups, they all have so much fun !

(5 minutes)

Thank you to Cardinal of MN for this wonderful visual illustration of  a OneTimeFunTime!


This video describes an overview of the ‘GaitWay to the Brain‘ program, …developed by ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship.   This video explains some of the training that our RideAbility instructor’s have completed.   We use this type of training to improve our therapeutic techniques at RideAbility.   Our goal is to be a catalyst in improving the lives of our clients and their families!