Wish List

Truck (3/4 ton, 4 wheel drive) for moving horses, wagons and hay $10,000

Horse Trailer for moving horses $2,000 – $20,000

Portable Horse shelters (3 sided run-in style) $3500 each

Flatbed trailer (car trailer) for moving hay and carts  $2000

Western saddle, draft horse size with 8″ gullet  $400 – $1500

Special needs saddle from Freedom Rider  $500

Western 13″ saddle, w/full QH bars $500

Soft saddle from El Companero   $325

Stackable, lightweight, outdoor chairs, 20 chairs $200

Safety helmets, SEI certified $25 – $50 each

Gait belts to support clients (www.freedomrider.com)

Stimulite Seat Saver from www.supracor.com

Impact Gel Seat Saver cushion from www.impactgel.com

Aussie cinches, 33” to 38” in length

John Lyons training books and videos

Monty Roberts training books and videos

Therapeutic Listening music&headphones from www.vitallinks.net

Instructional aids from www.freedomrider.com

Rubber rainbow reins from www.freedomrider.com

Chain link fence and gates for the child play area

Jungle Gym for the child play area

Merry-Go-Round for the child play area

Play sand for the child play area

Pea Rock gravel for Sensory trail, bags are $3 each

Sand for Sensory trail, bags are $3 each

Sawdust for Sensory trail

Wood Chips for Sensory Trail

Gravel for Sensory Trail

Heated water buckets for horses, heavy duty 5 gallon capacity

Sturdy water buckets for horses, 2 to 5 gallon capacity

Western curb bits, stainless steel, various styles

Fly spray! and roll-on or wipe-on fly killing liquids

Rustoleum paint for gates & Sensory Trail (Red, Silver, White, Black)

Washable paint of all colors for horse painting: “Spirit painting

Horse Trophies for the students, recycled are great!

Horse Show ribbons for the students

Hoof picks

Horse Treats